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7 Ways you can use a Lemon to Clean your Home

Did you know that you don’t need to buy expensive cleaners full of harsh chemicals in order to clean your home? You can clean many of the routine places in your home that tend to get the hardest to remove stains using a lemon as your cleaning agent. Why does it work? Because lemon juice […]

How Hiring a Cleaning Service can Actually Save you Money

You may have thought longingly while scrubbing your toilets about how nice it would be to have a maid. But you quickly dismiss those thoughts, thinking the service may not be worth the investment. Well, you may be wrong. Consider that hiring one of the top cleaning services in Winston Salem will give you stellar services that are […]

6 Reasons you Should Hire a Cleaning Service for your Aging Parent

Do you have a parent whose age is preventing them from being able to safely and effectively handle their own house cleaning? This is a normal part of aging. But an elderly parent may try to maintain their independence, which can lead to over-exertion or injury. If you’re thinking of looking into professional house cleaning in Winston Salem for your parent, […]

How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your House

Do you have a set cleaning routine for when to clean what in your home? House cleaning is no easy task and even worse, you probably aren’t cleaning items as often as they need it. If it all doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, The Maids will handle your house cleaning in Greensboro. Clean these […]

Preventing Fingerprints on Stainless Steel Appliances

Do you have stainless steel appliances in your home? They are a beautiful addition to any home, combined with their superior strength and durability. Brand new stainless steel appliances look exquisite until the moment you touch them and notice annoying fingerprints where your hands were. What is the secret to cleaning and preventing this from […]

Organizing for Kids: 5 Quick and Easy Tips

Do your kids struggle with managing their messes? Kids aren’t born with a natural ability to be organized. They lack the skills and more importantly, the motivation. Toys fall where they may and are forgotten as new ideas lead a child to the next plaything. Clothes are often shed and left all over the floor, […]

The Secret to Getting Pet Smells Out of your Home

Do you love your pets but not necessarily their smells? Or maybe you don’t love pets but the previous owners of your new home or apartment did, and they left the smell behind. Perhaps you need to get the pet smells out of your home before you put it on the market. Whatever the reason, […]

Tips for Eliminating Cooking Smells

Do you enjoy cooking and creating all sorts of culinary masterpieces? Or maybe you simply microwaved some fish sticks for the kids last night. Either way, cooking smells can sometimes linger for what seems like forever. Whether you’re expecting guests, showing your house, or just want a fresher smelling home, there are ways to banish […]

The Most Common Places Bacteria Hides in your Home

We all want a clean, healthy home. But that is often easier said than done. No matter how thoroughly you clean, bacteria find ways to take hold. Once you know where to look, it’s easier to combat these bacteria breeding grounds. Want to be sure these areas are cleaned regularly? Schedule professional home cleaning in […]

Tips for Removing Wine Stains

If you or anyone else in your home enjoy red wine, you’ve surely experienced a spill at some point. Whether it’s on clothing, a tablecloth, upholstery, or carpet, wine stains are stubborn and hard to remove. But it may be possible with these tips. And if not, professional cleaning companies in Greensboro such as The […]

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