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6 Reasons you Should Hire a Cleaning Service for your Aging Parent

senior coupleDo you have a parent whose age is preventing them from being able to safely and effectively handle their own house cleaning? This is a normal part of aging. But an elderly parent may try to maintain their independence, which can lead to over-exertion or injury. If you’re thinking of looking into professional house cleaning in Winston Salem for your parent, The Maids can help. Consider these 6 reasons to hire a cleaning service. 

  1. Prevent falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury and even death in the senior population. Even if you think your parent is getting around just fine, simply climbing up on a stool to dust high places can lead to a fall. A vacuum cord can trip them up. Mopping floors can be a slipping hazard. There are so many ways that simple house cleaning chores can increase the risk of a fall.  
  2. Prevent injuries. Other injuries can be caused by house cleaning as well, such as back injuries from bending or leaning over to clean toilets and tubs or lifting heavy buckets of water. An older person often doesn’t realize that these tasks are too much for them until an injury occurs. They’ve been doing it their whole life, it doesn’t occur to them to stop.  
  3. Ensure proper household upkeep. When house cleaning tasks become too difficult, rather than ask for help, the tasks are often just left undone, which leads to unsanitary situations. Regular house cleaning can make sure the home is clean and healthy.  
  4. Unburden your loved one. As people age even everyday tasks can seem daunting. Take the burden of housecleaning off your mom or dad’s shoulders (and yours as well if you’re the one picking up the slack).  
  5. Hire a cleaning service because they won’t. Trying to convince your aging parent to hire a house cleaning service can be a futile effort. You may just need to take matters into your own hands. Schedule house cleaning in Winston Salem and simply let them know when to expect The Maids 
  6. Someone to check on them regularly. One of the biggest benefits of routine house cleaning for elderly people is that someone will show up regularly to check on them. The team of regular housekeepers often get to know your parent. The state of the home when they show up to clean can also be another indicator of your parent’s general well-being.  

The Maids Specialize in Senior Cleaning Services 

The Maids understand that some people may feel uneasy about the idea of a stranger coming into their home to clean and strive to make them feel comfortable. The cleaning teams get to know each customer and spend time in conversation to develop a relationship. The same individual or team will show up each time on a regular schedule to put your loved one at ease. When it comes to house cleaning in Winston Salem, you can trust The Maids. Call (336) 221-3129 to schedule house cleaning services for your loved one today.  

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