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Home Cleaning in Greensboro: Only the Best will Do

With a variety of cleaning companies to choose from, all offering more or less the same basic services, it may be tempting to make a choice based on price. However, the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” may come back to haunt you. Your home is your pride and joy where you spend most of your time – why hire anyone but the best to clean and maintain it?

Protect Your Investment

It goes without saying that any company you employ should be insured and bonded, but there is another form of protection which must be considered. Even if you don’t view your home as an investment, it should be maintained at the highest level possible in order to retain its value, and the same is true of its furnishings. You may be surprised to find that comparing services which offer home cleaning in Greensboro will reveal significant differences in how thoroughly your house is cleaned, as well as how carefully your possessions are treated. These differences can have significant impact on the longevity of your house and décor, particularly if you have items like fine antiques or unique rugs, which deserve special handling. So you want the best, not the cheapest.

Protect Your Family’s Health

There may be times when only a harsher chemical will get the job done. But a high quality home cleaning service will only use them when absolutely necessary. Greener, gentler products often come at a higher price. But they are worth it in order to reduce the number of harsh ingredients your family is exposed to. You may think, at first, that it is wonderful to come home to the fragrances associated with clean floors, glass and wood. But the truth is that those scents are covering up chemicals of a fairly toxic nature. The best home cleaning service companies understand that it’s better if your family isn’t exposed to these chemicals on a regular basis, especially the amount needed to clean a larger home. The prolonged use of the same ingredients will also take their toll on your furnishings.

Quality means personalization

Deciding to hire a cleaning service, rather than a full-time employee, does not have to mean that you will have a constant rotation of strangers treating your house like every other one they enter. Services such as The Maids of the Triad will offer a detailed personal interview, so they can take a close look at your house and its individual needs. Any special instructions will be noted, and given to all team members before they arrive. There may be areas or items you do not even want touched, or some which need to be handled in a specific manner. Only those companies offering the highest quality home cleaning in Greensboro NC will take the time, and care, necessary in these situations. This is why quality, rather than speed or price, is the crucial factor when choosing a cleaning service for your home.

The Maids will provide a 22-step Healthy Touch® deep cleaning process using environmentally friendly products. Their professionally trained team follows a customized plan based on an extensive interview and house tour. For the highest quality home cleaning in Greensboro, call (336) 292-7805 to schedule a free appointment with a specialist.

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