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Why You Should Opt for Non-Toxic House Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

Disinfectants and other cleaning agents can be effective in removing germs and bacteria, but they can also be quite toxic to humans. The News Medical website has a report dated August 14, 2014 that details the discoveries of researchers who noticed that the reproductive ability of lab mice were severely affected when they were subjected to two active ingredients found in disinfectants. The article stresses that more research is needed to confirm whether or not the same ingredients are harmful to people:

Homeowners need to be more wary of the cleaning methods they use to keep their houses tidy. Detergents, disinfectants, and other similar substances with high toxicity can cause medical complications to families, particularly vulnerable children. The article posits that even pets are susceptible to high doses of cleaning agents, and they too are at risk. For safe and healthy house cleaning in Greensboro, NC, residents should hire a cleaning service that uses environmental methods such as The Maids of the Triad.

Although cleaning agents made from artificial ingredients are very effective in destroying bacteria and germs, they are not the only things homeowners can use to tidy up their residence. Cleaning solutions made from all-natural ingredients do exist, and they are relatively harmless to use. To fully maximize these eco-friendly materials, homeowners should hire professional cleaners in Greensboro, NC who know how to best use such green products. It is important for families to first ask cleaning service companies if they use green products before hiring them as a precaution.

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