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I am writing to you to express my sincere thanks for the move-in cleaning you did for my client in August, 2008. First, I was impressed with your customer service staff and how they worked so closely with me. As you know, the occupant of the house delayed vacating the property for several days…which left me guessing as to when I could schedule your crew. Your staff handled it effortlessly, and worked with my “non” timeframe such that the job got done on time. And what a quality job it was! Honestly, the house smelled completely different after your crew left. Not obtrusive, but just clean. I think the former owner had smoked and may have had pets…but all that odor was gone once your ladies worked their magic. My client was particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathrooms. His parents helped him move in so it was almost like having company, first thing! The house was clean and comfortable because of your services, and it took a huge burden off of move-in day to not have to clean before moving in. Thank you again for your quality work and attention to detail. I will not hesitate to recommend you again to future clients and current colleagues.

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