The Maids

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How would you rate the quality of the following services by The Maids:
Vacuuming: Excellent
Dusting: Excellent
Kitchen: Excellent
Bathrooms: Excellent

Overall, how would you rate the service you have received from The Maids?

How would you rate the level of service you have received from our office staff, including sales and quality assurance?

How would you rate the attitude/friendliness of your cleaning team?

Would you recommend The Maids to your friends/family?

Why or why not?
The customer service was superb. The manager stopped in for a check and also involved himself in the cleaning. We were provided with reputable references for further issues that we have around the house. The Maids even fixed our crossed up hot/cold water issue with our kitchen sink. That is exceptional service!!!!

What do you like best about The Maids?
The detail that is paid to cleaning the home. Every item, no matter how small, was important to The Maids to clean and perfect.

How can The Maids better serve you?
Not sure at the moment…service was so pleasurable

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