The Maids

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We love Dami and her team.  Once she was out sick and we were notified and I got worried.  About her being sick and what if the new team is not as good. It was fine but I’m glad she came back. She is professional, so nice, and our house is always cleaned to our liking.  Always. We typically leave when they come, so they can do their job and we are not in the way. Once, an item was broken, an accident for sure, and Dami left a note and you fixed it and it was returned.  Very pro active for sure… I never worry about anything not being home. I was cautious at the onset but I don’t give it a thought anymore.  There are horror stories out there.

We are home today – rainy day and my husband is recovering from a hip replacement…One of the workers, came and told me our “office” room was ready and we both are able to be in there and not be in the way…. Very considerate… I am sure Dami was responsible for that.

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