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Professional House Cleaning Services Avoid these Hidden Toxins

Have you taken a look at the labels on your house cleaning products lately? Do you wonder what exactly do those long, hard-to-pronounce words mean to you and your family? Learn from The Maids, whose expert house cleaning services in Greensboro, NC provide safe solutions that avoid these five hidden toxins to which you may be exposing your family.

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  1. Products with Fragrances Can Trigger Asthma Attacks and Allergies

Many of your fragranced household products like dish soap and air fresheners contain phthalates. The law doesn’t require this notification on the label if it is part of the company’s proprietary mix. These toxins can often be allergy and asthma triggers.

  1. Dish Soaps Can Promote Drug Resistant Bacteria

Most liquid dishwashing detergents and hand soaps labeled “antibacterial” contain triclosan, which can promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. The use of them prevents your body from developing a natural resistance to bacteria.

  1. Fabric Softeners Can Cause Irritated Skin and Asthma

Much like antibacterial soaps; liquid and sheet fabric softeners can contain quarternary ammonium compounds which are known to cause skin irritation and also contribute to the development of asthma.

  1. Glass Cleaners Can Cause Breathing Troubles

Glass cleaners are a common product in many homes. Ammonia is also a well-known ingredient. But it may not be as well known for potentially contributing to the development of chronic bronchitis or asthma. And when mixed with bleach, the fumes can be deadly.

  1. Your Oven Cleaner Can Cause Serious Burns

Many oven cleaners contain an ingredient called sodium hydroxide, which is also known as lye. Lye is extremely corrosive and when it comes in contact with skin or eyes it can cause serious burns. When inhaled, it can cause sore throats.

The Maids Offers House Cleaning Services in Greensboro, NC that are Safe

Get a clean home that’s healthier by scheduling house cleaning services in Greensboro NC from The Maids, a company that uses safe eco-friendly supplies. The Maids has 30 years of safe-cleaning experience using environmentally friendly cleaning products and state-of-the-art HEPA filtration vacuums that will leave you with a cleaner, healthier home. Call The Maids today at (336) 292-7805

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