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New baby on the way? Consider hiring the services of residential cleaners in Greensboro, NC

Tips on Cleaning Your Home Before the New Baby Arrives

As the time for the new arrival approaches parents naturally start to think about what needs done to be ready for the baby. Near the top of the list is making sure that the house is spotlessly clean and ready for your newest family member. Residential cleaners in Greensboro, NC, will tell you that a new family member will mean more cleaning chores and less time, so the more you can accomplish now the better off you will be for the next few months.

There are a lot of reasons to make sure your house is as clean as possible before you bring home the newest family member. Of course you want to make sure that your home is spotless when bringing a newborn into it, but you should also give thought to how much work caring for a child can be. Once your new bundle of joy has arrived, your weeks will be filled with sleepless nights, and there will be times when the last thing you will want to do is scrub behind the refrigerator. Residential cleaners will also tell you that now is time to eliminate allergens in carpets, upholstery, and bedding.

Start with a Cleaning List

The goal is to bring your home up to snuff now before your child comes home, so the easiest place to start is with a list. Take a walk through your home and make a list of all the deep cleaning chores that need to be done. Consider all aspects of the home including carpets, upholstery, windows, appliances, bathroom, closets, and anywhere else where dirt, dust, and allergens could be hiding. Once you have a list of everything you want to accomplish it is much easier to decide how to go about accomplishing it.

Consider What Cleaning You May or May Not Be Able to Do

Being pregnant can make it difficult for you to accomplish many of the deep cleaning chores that are likely to be on your list. In addition, most residential cleaners in Greensboro, NC, advise their expectant moms to be careful with the chemicals they use in their cleaning. While you are pregnant and when you bring a newborn home, it is essential to limit exposure to harsh chemicals. Professional housecleaners are more likely to know what type of environmentally friendly cleaning products are best to use when a baby is coming into the home.

Just as importantly, you should not overdo it and you should never do a chore that puts you at risk of injury. Most of the cleaning chores you want to accomplish during this time are of the deep cleaning type and it might be a good idea to bring in a maid rather than to attempt them yourself. Heavy lifting, standing on ladders or chairs, or crawling under things are not a good idea when you are expecting.

Consider Hiring a Maid Service

Everybody is busy during those last few weeks before the baby arrives. Getting the nursery ready, doing all the laundry, and getting diapering and feeding set up all take time and effort. Residential cleaners in Greensboro, NC, like The Maids know exactly how to get your house ready for the new baby. The Maids offers a thorough deep clean with environmentally chemicals. With their 22-step healthy touch deep cleaning process and HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, the detailed cleaners can eliminate allergens and remove bacteria and viruses.  Contact The Maids today at (336)-292-7805 to schedule an appointment to let them help you get ready for your new arrival.

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