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Must Dos at the 2017 Lexington BBQ Festival

Every fall North Carolinians and even out-of-staters flock to Lexington, NC, for the annual BBQ Festival. North Carolina is known across the nation for the best pork BBQ to be had. Slow cooked in wood-fired pits, pork shoulder stays juicy and tender and is seasoned with a vinegar and tomato based sauce. Served with slaw and a side of hushpuppies, this delicious food tradition is a favorite among locals and food lovers from all over the world. If this sounds like a must-do event for you, then nothing should stand in your way, especially not household chores. Hire residential cleaning services in Greensboro, NC, so that you can spend your weekends having fun and eating great food. If you’re planning to attend the Lexington BBQ Festival for the first time, here are some must do activities.

  1. Eat BBQ. The obvious first item to accomplish at the 2017 BBQ Festival is to enjoy the delicious BBQ and the succulent sides that go with it. If you’ve never had Lexington style BBQ before, you’re in for a treat you will not forget.
  2. Have a drink. You’ll need something to wash that BBQ down with, and there’s plenty to be had at the festival. Local craft beers and wineries will have their best selections available for your enjoyment. There will also be plenty of Cheerwine to enjoy, a locally made and distributed soft drink that pairs perfectly with BBQ.
  3. Listen to some music. If you like live music, you’ll be in your element at the festival. A variety of local bands and artists will be playing and singing at this year’s festival. The official music schedule has not yet been released, but is coming soon.
  4. Visit the car show. Classic car enthusiasts from all over bring their antique cars to display for your viewing pleasure.
  5. Go to the carnival. The BBQ Festival includes a carnival and family fun area with rides, games, and even some racing pigs.
  6. See the sand sculpture. A pig themed sand sculpture is crafted leading up to the festival and is completed the day of. Come and see this impressive form of local art.
  7. Arts and crafts. Local artists and crafters will have their creations and wares on display for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.
  8. BMX stunt show. Bikers will show off their amazing stunts on BMX stunt bikes. Watch these talented bikers soar into the air and then explain the importance of proper safety gear for young future bikers.

The First and Most Important Must Do: Hire Residential Cleaning Services in Greensboro, NC

Do you want to enjoy all the attractions at the 2017 Lexington BBQ Festival? Make room in your life for fun and experiences by leaving the housecleaning to the professionals. You work hard during the week. Why not enjoy your weekends more? House cleaning and chores make weekends busy and stressful. Free up some time for fun and family by hiring residential cleaning services in Greensboro, NC. The Maids of the Triad offer free estimates and flexible scheduling. Call (336) 292-7805.

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