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Moving In/Out Cleaning Service in Greensboro NC

Finding a cleaning service for your move photoMoving in or out of an apartment or house can be such a hassle. There are so many things to be taken care of. Who has time or energy left over to clean? If you are moving into a new apartment or home or moving out of one and you are looking for a moving in/out maid cleaning service, then call The Maids of the Triad today. We specialize in deep cleaning homes in the Greensboro, High Point, Burlington and Winston-Salem area.

Some of the hassle of moving is figuring out what to pack and what to get rid of. Over time your home can become cluttered with things that you acquire over the years. When this happens we understand that sometimes you may need a helping hand to pull you out from under all the clutter. At The Maids of the Triad, we offer a decluttering service to assist you in going through your things and deciding which things are worth keeping and which can be let go.

The removal of clutter can ease the moving process. But it can be hard to decide what to keep and what to throw away or donate. Our general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used an item in over a year, it is probably alright to let it go, unless it has sentimental value, like your grandmother’s good china. Then you can move on to the next step, grouping.

Grouping items that have “survived the cut” can be extremely helpful during the moving process. Keeping things that go together like cookware, entertainment items and sentimental items can help alleviate stress when it comes to moving because you will know exactly where something is located. When the grouping stage is complete then it’s on to the next step, deployment.

Figuring out where things should be located in your new home or apartment is key to having a good work flow. If there are things that need to be used more often, they should be kept in a place that is easy to get to when they are needed. When dealing with things that are not used often, then perhaps a better place would be on a high shelf or maybe in the garage.

If you are moving into a new apartment or home and you would like to have it cleaned before you get there, call The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro and we will ensure your move in/out cleaning service is completed before you arrive. We will also clean your home before you relocate to ensure that the moving out process goes smoothly.

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