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Local Sports in Winston Salem

Part of what makes a city into a community is the local sports scene. Sports foster comradery among citizens in mutual support of local sports teams. Here in Winston Salem, there are a few different opportunities to support local sports. When you attend a sporting event, the ticket you bought and the food and drinks you may purchase help to financially support the program as well as the athletes and the local economy. You can also support your local economy while securing more personal time for yourself by hiring local cleaning services in Winston-Salem, NC. The Maids serves Winston Salem and the surrounding area. Your cleaning service can handle the housework so that you can spend more time cheering for your favorite local sports teams.  

The Winston-Salem Dash Baseball 

Minor league baseball is the heart of the American local community, and the same is true here in Winston Salem. At the new BB&T Ballpark, the Dash play regular-season single-A ball and they also travel to other cities for games. Season tickets, as well as single-game tickets, are available in a variety of seating areas from boxes to grass seats. There’s a playground for kids, events between innings on the field, and other family fun. Plenty of great food and drinks are available to be had as well. Get the true local minor league baseball experience at the Winston-Salem Dash.  

The Thunderbirds Hockey 

Once baseball season is over, you can hit the ice for hockey season. The Thunderbirds are a new minor league hockey team in Winston Salem. Visit the LJVM (Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial) Coliseum in northern Winston Salem and watch the Thunderbirds take on other minor league hockey teams from around the US and Canada. A small venue, every seat is a great seat to watch the action.  

Wake Forest University 

Many Winston Salem residents are Wake Forest fans. Whether you’re talking about football or basketball, Wake Forest alumni, as well as other fans, are quite serious about supporting the Demon Deacons. A member of the NCAA division in both football and basketball, you get the opportunity to see the Deacons play against some great teams in both sports. Other sporting events take place at Wake Forest sports venues throughout the year as well.  

Want More Time to Cheer on Local Sports? Hire Cleaning Services in Winston-Salem, NC 

Looking for more time to spend watching local sporting events? It can be hard to find the time in your busy schedule between work and housework to do the things you enjoy. The Maids can help. Hire one of the best cleaning services in Winston-Salem, NC to give your home a deep clean while you go out and take in all the sports you can handle. Professional grade cleaning not only makes your home shine, but it creates a healthy environment that promotes well-being and reduces allergies. The Maids 22 Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System and HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners will remove allergens and germs from your home so you’ll stay healthy and never miss a game. Call The Maids today for a free consultation: (336) 221-3129.

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