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July Fourth Entertaining Ideas

The Fourth of July calls for a celebration, but the planning and execution can be tiring and stressful. Food needs to be prepared, the decorations and fireworks are waiting, and you have to get your backyard in order. How are you going to get your house cleaned in time too? Well, you can hire a maid service in Winston Salem, NC to take over that part while you keep reading to learn about some fun Fourth of July entertaining ideas to make your party look impressive, without actually having to do a lot of work.

Create a Quick and Simple Hotdog and Burger Bar for Your Guests 

Not only are they trendy, but food bars are easy. All you have to do is grill your meats and spread a layout of condiments and toppings, buns, paper plates and tableware, and sit a cooler of bottled drinks at the end of the line. Guests can help themselves without you having to cook all afternoon. If your guests ask what they can bring, request something simple such as chips or potato salad, and you can add them to the layout for easy side dishes. 

Decorate Your Home for July Fourth with these Easy Tricks 

Keep your decorations classic with red, white, and blue balloons and Fourth of July banners. You can get a little more creative by crafting a July Fourth centerpiece. Just add some white stones or sand to a vase and fill with patriotic pinwheels. For additional color, cover any tables with red checkered tablecloths or alternate with solid red, white and blue. 

Keep Your Houseguests Cool and Comfy by Creating a Sun Station 

It’s July, it’s hot, and nothing dampens a party’s mood as much as sunburn. Build a sun station with baskets of bottled water, towels, cheap sunglasses, and travel size sunblock.  

A Party Isn’t a Party Without Some Entertainment. Try these Ideas. 

An important form of entertainment for any party is music, so set up a Bluetooth speaker in the backyard and create a fun, upbeat playlist. Also, it’s not a party without some games, so pull out the corn hole board. As people finish drinking their beers, use the empty beer bottles to setup a game of ring toss. 

Make a Light and Fresh Dessert to Avoid Weighing Down Your Guests 

Keep dessert easy, light and colorful by putting out an array of fruits incorporating strawberries, blueberries, and maybe even some watermelon. Try arranging the strawberries and blueberries into a flag with a fruit dip. Make a simple one by mixing marshmallow cream and strawberry cream cheese, then arrange the fruit into stars and stripes. To really cool off, make or buy popsicles, both kids and adults will love them. 

Bring Your Gathering to an End with Confetti Poppers or Fireworks for an Extra Bang 

Before your guests leave, hand out Fourth of July confetti poppers. Thank everyone for coming, and start a countdown to pop your poppers at the same time. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and festive, light your own fireworks. But be sure to practice fire safety and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. 

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