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Most Bacteria-Ridden Things in Your Home

Many homeowners in North Carolina’s Gate City are constantly suffering from a false sense of security with regards to the cleanliness of their house. Just because toilets, kitchens and bedrooms look clean and tidy on the surface, doesn’t mean that all’s well and good—until they realize just how much they need reliable house cleaning in Greensboro, NC. This happens because such homeowners tend to neglect some of the things that could be brimming with bacteria like the following:

Kitchen Sponges and Rags

Most bacteria that permeate the typical household are attracted to organic substances like food, and what place has more of it than your kitchen? Add that to the fact that bacteria thrive and develop readily where there’s enough moisture, and you’d surely hone in on your dish sponges or cleaning rags. Be sure to replace these often—using dirty sponges will do little for the cleanliness of your dishes and the safety of your family.


Did you know that your hands are among the most efficient carriers of bacteria? Whether you’ve been cooking in the kitchen, doing your business in the bathroom, or eating in the dining room, you’re sure to handle at least one set of doorknobs before and after. Studies show that harmful germs and bacteria can actually thrive in these fixtures for hours.

Faucet Handles

Like doorknobs, faucet handles are another of those things that you simply couldn’t use without handling with your hands—what’s worse is you couldn’t wash your dirty hands without doing so. As a result, handles are a common breeding ground of coliform bacteria, mold, and other harmful substances in the house.

When you’re hiring a reputable maid service in Greensboro, NC, make sure that they can do a thorough job of cleaning these areas and fixtures of your house. Cleaning crews from established companies like The Maids of the Triad know what it takes to help keep homeowners and rental tenants healthy by reducing bacteria present in a home.

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