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How Do I Keep My House Clean During the Holidays?

Dust is an annoying problem in many houses. It seems that just when you clean it up and have your surfaces looking nice and clean, it quickly   accumulates again and the whole process starts over. Is it possible to permanently get rid of dust so you can take this chore off of your to-do list? That’s the question we’ll tackle in the article below.

For help with dust and many other household chores, turn to The Maids for excellent maid services in Greensboro. With a friendly team of professionals and a reputation for doing outstanding work, your home will be in good hands starting with your very first appointment.

Start with a Décor Review

You might be surprised to see that the first step doesn’t actually have anything to do with cleaning. First, it’s helpful to look at everything you have in your rooms to make sure you need all of it. Everything you have in the space can collect dust and will need to be cleaned, so the job just gets bigger for every additional possession you hold.

Also, in the case of things like pillows, blankets, and other textiles, you’ll also be adding a dust producer to the space. So, as far as the battle against dust is concerned, you might find that less really is more.

Do the Wash Regularly

The fabrics that are used throughout your house are one of the worst offenders in terms of collecting and creating dust. While you probably wash your clothes often, you may not wash things like blankets and pillows on as strict a schedule. Make it a point to wash these items as often as you can to cut down on dust buildup. And, as an added bonus, these pieces will feel more comfortable, smell better, and be more enjoyable to use day after day.

Stay Ahead of the Cleaning Game

Regularly vacuuming your spaces goes a long way toward preventing dust accumulation in your house. Of course, in addition to vacuuming, actually dusting the surfaces that tend to collect the most dust will help, especially if you can do it before that layer of dust builds up. Using a service like The Maids can make it easier to fit consistent cleaning into your busy schedule.

Upgrading Your Air Filtration

The HVAC system that serves your house includes a filter, but that filter might not be good enough to cut down on dust in a meaningful way. Consider upgrading to a better filter to pull more particles out of the air, or add a standalone air filtration unit to a common living area that sees a lot of traffic and tends to have a significant dust problem.

While it might not be possible to get rid of dust for good, you can stay ahead of the game with the help of the best cleaning services Greensboro has to offer. Simply call The Maids today to schedule an appointment and you can start to look forward to a home that is cleaner than ever before.

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