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Home Cleaning in Greensboro: How to Choose a High Quality Service

When you are choosing a service to come into your home to clean, it is not a decision you want to take lightly. But what is it that distinguishes one service from the rest? It goes without saying, of course, that any company you choose should be bonded and insured. But here are a few other factors to consider when looking for the absolute best company to service your luxury home.

Thoroughly Intensive Home Cleaning in Greensboro

Unfortunately, in a lot of areas, it is not possible to get maid service above the run-of-the-mill level that many people might find satisfactory. Luckily, there are alternatives in Greensboro which go far beyond that. It is the difference between mopping the kitchen floor and cleaning the grout between the tiles on your hands and knees. It is not having to worry about the top of the refrigerator or under the beds. This is the extra attention to detail that a luxury home deserves.

Companion Services to Regularly Scheduled Home Cleaning in Greensboro

A truly exceptional company will offer additional services, so that you are dealing with only one company for all your house maintenance needs. Windows and carpet cleaning or handyman services are all things homeowners require at one time or another. Even better is when the service that cleans your house will also declutter your spaces and clean out your cabinets. Having one trusted company for everything makes life so much easier.

Customized Home Cleaning in Greensboro

Your luxury home is unique and so are your maintenance needs. A maid service that approaches every home in exactly the same way is not sufficient. Any company with truly high level of quality will have an extensive interview and tour of your house to understand what your specific needs are, exactly what needs to be done and how often. This is particularly important when furnishings include antiques, family heirlooms, or unique items which require special handling.

Safe and Healthy House Cleaning in Greensboro

Every bit as important as your house and its furnishings is the health of your family and pets. While it is true that harsher chemicals may be all that will work in some situations, they should only be used as a last resort. A top tier maid service will only use gentler green products whenever possible. Not only do these products extend the lifetime of your possessions, but they are safer for any residents that are subject to allergies, asthma, or sensitive autoimmune conditions.

The Maids of the Triad is a high quality alternative for house maintenance. In addition to their 22-step Healthy Touch® deep cleaning process using environmentally friendly products, they also offer healthy deep cleaning of your carpets and a wide range of additional services. From cleaning your chandeliers and other light fixtures to cleaning out your closets or refrigerator, you can turn over your most dreaded chores with confidence. You may call (336) 292-7805 to schedule a free appointment with a specialist. When it comes to all aspect of maintaining the quality of your luxury home, The Maids of the Triad has you covered.

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