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How to keep your home free of allergens

For many North Carolinians, controlling asthma symptoms is an integral part of life. Utmost vigilance and preparedness must be observed, especially under conditions where symptoms can manifest.  If not properly managed, asthma can be a life-threatening disease. Fortunately, the local government is doing its part in ensuring that North Carolina’s air is as clean and safe as possible, and this goes a long way toward improving the health of the state’s many asthma sufferers.

Despite the government’s best efforts, asthma is not something you only worry about when you’re on the streets—you need to make sure your home environment is free of any asthma-inducing agents as well. Here are a few all-natural home solutions to asthma that you may not be aware of:


An open jar of honey placed under the nose of a person having an asthma attack can help them breathe easier. As a preventive measure, a person with asthma should take a teaspoon of raw honey three times a day


If someone is having trouble breathing, let him drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Although it may not provide actual relief, it can thin out any mucus buildup in the nasal passages, which can help make breathing conditions better.

dust mite close up photo
A photo of a dust mite magnified.

The best preventive measure: A clean home

Dust, pollen, and other asthma-causing agents from outside can latch onto clothing and shoes. When that happens, you could end up dragging these agents into the house, thereby making your home an unsuspecting haven for allergens. Regular cleaning services in Greensboro, NC should help tremendously toward keeping your home safe from these harmful agents.

Why you need a Greensboro cleaning service

A cleaner home makes for a healthier life. The best house cleaning services in Greensboro, NC, such as Maids of the Triad, have professionals that know how to clean your home thoroughly, ensuring a better home environment for family members who suffer from asthma.

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