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Carpet cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC: Help your carpet look great longer

We’ve all been there; staring at our carpet, convinced it was a different color when we bought it. It was plusher, thicker, and brighter; once upon a time. But if you’ve just purchased new carpet for your home, or you have older carpet in your home that you’ve just had cleaned, and want it to stay looking great; just follow these simple tips.

Vacuum weekly

Vacuuming weekly during your house cleaning routine helps prevent soil build-up. It removes dirt and dust before they have time to build up and change the color of your rug. Routinely sweeping is the easiest way to prevent build up and eventual breakdown of your carpet.

Use welcome mats and floor runners

In areas of heavy traffic, protect your carpet with welcome mats and floor runners. High traffic areas often have the tell-tale sign of being a good bit darker than the rest of the carpet. Being proactive can protect your carpet. Simply laying down small rugs and runners can save you time and money.

Spot treat stains immediately

Spot treating your carpet immediately prevents the stain from setting and becoming permanent. Blot stains; don’t rub them. Rubbing can break down fibers and actually force the stain to set. Use a white or neutral rag and blot inward toward the stain with water, club soda, or your favorite spot-treatment spray. Once dry, run the vacuum over it. Make sure the carpet is dry, as this will prevent mold from growing.

Have your carpet cleaned professionally once a year

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the ideal and most effective cleaning method for synthetic carpets. Professional carpet cleaners have the tools, the cleaning supplies, and the training to remove dirt deep within your carpet which helps prevent the breakdown of its fibers and makes for a healthier life cycle for your carpet.

Need a professional carpet cleaning in Winston-Salem NC?

The Maids of the Triad may be famous for house cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC, but we are just as skilled in carpet cleaning.

We know that airborne particles are naturally absorbed into the carpet, and it is important to deep-clean and remove the pollutants on a routine basis with a thorough carpet cleaning. Below the surface, our cleaning process eliminates dirt and dust at the deepest layer to ensure a healthier air quality.

While we’re cleaning your carpets, consider us for your house cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC, as well. Your satisfaction is why we do what we do. We are so confident that you’ll love your house cleaning and carpet cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC, that it is all covered with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

To try the Maids of the Triad’s carpet cleaning services in Winston-Salem, NC, call us now at (336) 292-7805.

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