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5 Things in your Home you Probably Don’t Clean Enough

cleaning baseboards in kitchen Do you have a regular cleaning regimen that you follow on a weekly or monthly basis? Whatever your routine is, unless you get professional house cleaning in Greensboro, there are a few areas that you probably don’t clean enough. These spots are easy to miss but are very important from a health standpoint. Once you read this, you won’t likely forget them again. 

  1. Door Knobs and Light Switches. These frequently touched areas are germ magnets. Viruses and bacteria build up here and populate. Most people don’t think about walking around their home disinfecting light switch panels, door handles, and stair railings, but it’s very important to do so. The easiest way to remove germs from these spots is with disinfecting wipes. Just move from room to room wiping these areas until the wipe starts to dry out. Then throw it out and get a new one until you’ve covered these areas throughout the house.  
  2. Microwave. Do you remember to cover the dishes before microwaving your food? Even so, spills, splatters, and crumbs end up all over the inside of your microwave. It’s important to clean it out before the food gets cooked on so badly that it becomes nearly impossible to clean. Microwave a bowl of water with lemon slices and vinegar until the window steams up, and it should be easier to wipe off that stuck-on food. Also, if your microwave sits on a counter, remember to wipe underneath every so often to remove crumbs and spilled food that attract pests.  
  3. Refrigerator. How often do you clean your refrigerator? It’s important to keep the inside clean for health and food safety reasons. What about the top and underneath? Keeping the top and bottom clean leads to better refrigerator performance. The dust that builds up on the top and bottom of your fridge gets inside the mechanical parts and can keep it from running at its best efficiency. And last but not least, if your refrigerator has ice and water access in the door, this system should be cleaned out regularly to keep your water clean and fresh. 
  4. Washing Machine. You may find yourself asking why on Earth do you need to clean out a machine that regularly swirls detergent around inside? Unfortunately, the moisture is the culprit, causing mold and mildew to grow in the unseen parts. Run washing machine cleaner or vinegar water through a regular cycle. It goes a long way toward freshening up your washer.  
  5. Baseboards. You probably vacuum your carpets and wipe your hardwood floors regularly, but how often do you dust the baseboards? A lot of dust and dirt can build up on the narrow ledge created by the baseboards along the bottom of your walls where they meet the floor. If you remember to regularly run a duster along them they clean up easily. You may need a wet rag for more stubborn buildup. 

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