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4 Tips to Develop Personal Hygiene in Kids

kids sitting in a field reading a bookOne of the great things about living in the modern world is the knowledge and equipment we have to improve personal hygiene. We can keep ourselves and our family healthier by paying attention to basic hygiene points, and many of those points relate to what we do in our homes. While this is pretty easy for adults, hygiene habits can be harder for kids to develop. This article will offer some basic tips on how to build these skills in your children or grandchildren.


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1 – Make Hand Washing Easy

There is perhaps no more important element to personal hygiene than regular hand washing. Whether it is after using the restroom or before eating a meal, making sure your kids consistently wash their hands can do wonders for the health of your home.


To promote this habit, make it as easy as possible for the kids to access what they need. In other words, always have soap available by your sinks, and make sure a small towel is close at hand. For smaller kids, a step stool can be a good addition, as well. Of course, the towel used by each sink should be washed regularly as well.


2 – Regular Bathing Habits

Consistently taking showers or baths ranks high on the list of hygiene priorities for kids, as well. This gives you an opportunity to clean the kids thoroughly if they are small, which can help fight off germs and infections. As with hand washing, the key here is to make bathing and showering as convenient as possible. And for little kids, be sure to make it fun. A few toys and games in the bath can go a long way toward making it something they look forward to doing.


3 – Keeping Their Rooms Tidy

You might be surprised to see this item on the list but keeping your kids’ rooms neat and tidy is another important part of personal hygiene. When their rooms are a mess, you will likely be allowing germs to spread throughout the room – and the rest of the house – and unwanted illness is a possible side effect. Also, when living in messy rooms, your kids might get frustrated easier when they can’t find the things they need.



4 – Proper First Aid

To wrap up the list, it’s important to touch on the value of good first aid in a healthy home. Despite your best efforts, your kids are bound to pick up some cuts and scrapes along the way – and it’s important to deal with those properly so they don’t lead to infections and other negative health outcomes. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in the home and make sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it. Caring for your kids’ injuries shortly after they occur will go a long way toward putting them on the road to recovery.

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